Harrisburg Pennsylvania pet store

My search for a lizard pet took me to a Harrisburg Pennsylvania pet store. Lizards make ideal pets because they can take up a relatively small amount of space and their care is not particularly time consuming or expensive. They are not very noisy or messy, and they don't have to be fed everyday. Lizards are as different in their personalities and nature as people are. They can be very intelligent and have the ability to learn. For example if a lizard escapes it will often return for its food, and if recaptured it will remember how it escaped and do it again. Lizards can also get used to a routine. You may find that after keeping your pet for a while and maintaining a regular feeding schedule, it can become very excited when you come to feed it. Lizards demonstrate their awareness with excitement. If you are willing to learn about them and take good care of them you will find them to be amazing pets. As your skills and knowledge increase, you will gain an even greater appreciation of these incredible animals that are so different from us. Handle your lizard only when necessary, generally this is only to move it to a place where it will get some exercise. Be gentle so as not to bruise or hurt it. Never pick it up by the head or tail. The majority of pet lizards are small and incapable of any real harm if they bite. However if you have a lizard that is prone to biting or is large, you can use gloves. Some lizards such as iguanas have sharp claws and can cause deep scratches. Many reptiles are protected so check with authorities in your area on laws governing your selection.

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