Hartford Pet Store

When I went into a Hartford pet store I didn't expect to learn so much about cats. Did you know that cats are naturally very sensitive when it comes to temperatures be it hot or cold. However, it is known that they prefer to be in warmer environments. Generally, a cat will look for the warmest spot in the house to take its naps and in some cases this means your couch will be picked as that spot. Although it is true cats enjoy being warm, cold weather does not affect them and they are perfectly able to go out in this type of weather. Remember that it's important a cat get its exercise even if you are living in a cold place. It's not recommended to let your cat stay out in cold temperatures for long periods of time though, since they cannot maintain their body temperature for a long time.

Cats do not enjoy the rainy seasons and it is true that they do not like getting wet, but there is one breed that does, the Turkish Van, and that enjoys being in the water, but only if it has been exposed to it since a young age. In hotter climates, its important that a cat feel comfortable and not get too hot. Cats will naturally, find themselves a fresh shady spot to lay in. Cats sweat through their paws, so when a cat is hot or scared, it sometimes leaves wet foot prints on the ground. Something that cats usually do when they are hot is lick themselves. The cats saliva then evaporates and this causes the whole body's temperature to go down. They also make wonderful pets and the Hartford pet store will set you up will a lovely cat if you have the desire.

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