Johnstown Pennsylvania Pet Store

My friend that works in a Johnstown Pennsylvania pet store told me that when a cat becomes part of your family, there is always the possibility that it has parasites or other diseases. These diseases can be passed on to dogs and humans if they are not treated. Cats must also get checked to see if they have any external parasites like fleas and lice, because these weaken and irritate the cat's skin and coat. Another problem with external parasites is that they invade the house as well. Cats must get vaccinated and dewormed yearly to insure their health and your family's. A veterinarian must do these vaccinations. During the growth stages, you should pay close attention to the food your cat is eating. For kittens, you should feed them food that has been specifically designed for kittens. The most common one is the balanced type and it includes all of the necessary vitamins and proteins that your kitten will need during the growth stage.

If you are not sure about what kind of kitten or cat food to buy you feline, asking your veterinarian is the best option. Cats in general are in the habit of licking themselves to keep themselves clean and this is fine, as it doesn't hurt the cat's health, however cats with longer hair can have some difficulties due to the hair balls that they swallow which can get stuck in their intestine or stomach, and this of course, could bring about problems when they need to do their needs. One way to avoid this is by getting the cat used to being brushed. This can be done as a form of daily affection that the cat will just love, and you can remove all the excess hair so that the cat does not ingest it.

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