Las Vegas Pet Store

One of our local Las Vegas pet stores is offering the new Tri Tronics dog-training collar. The new Tri Tronics dog-training collar is both easy to use and offers many advantages to both the average pet owner and the serious dog trainer. The newest Sport Series S Tri Tronics dog training collar feature the new style receiver, hard on/off switch for field, yard or home use, and offer Tri-Tronics quality with a transmitter the size of a cell phone. You'll get the same rechargeable and waterproof collar Tri Tronics uses on its pro-series collars.

A simple rotary dial on the transmitter lets you choose 6 intensity levels from a gentle 1/2 to a level 5. The transmitter has 2 separate buttons one delivers momentary the other continuous. Each level has a positive click on the wheel that stays put and prevents over-correction (a problem on some other makes and models). As well as this there are some other great benefits with the Tri-Tronics dog training collar like a waterproof collar, insulated contact points to ensure consistent and reliable stimulation in the water or in the rain, user replaceable, rechargeable batteries in the collar (charger included), a incredible 800 meter range, instantly changeable stimulation intensity from the transmitter, an excellent and exhaustive Basic Training Video and Manual, 30 Day money back guarantee and finally an incredible 2 Year warranty. Tri Tronics has years of experience in the field of dog training products and offers this wealth of experience in its products. As it has a manually controlled correction button you can use the Tri Tronics dog training collar as a training aid not only for bark control but also for other problems like climbing on furniture, getting into the garbage or chewing household items.

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