Local Pet Store

My uncle just got a new dog house from a local pet store and while I am not sure what the brand is, the house is a beauty. The last time I took my kids to go and visit my uncle they were so impressed with that large dog house that they didn't want to come out of it. They just stayed inside the dog house and played with my uncle's mastiff. Thankfully that mastiff is an old gentleman and he didn't mind sharing his large dog house with my kids and playing with them. In general I prefer large dogs because they are so much more relaxed and easy going.

Smaller dog breeds on the other hand can be uppity and tense and very possessive. This of course is not to say that all big dogs are good and all little dogs are bad but in general I have found that my kids do much better with larger dogs but have not had as many good experiences with the smaller ones. We had an Alsatian when my son was born and from the time that he could stand he and our Alsatian were inseparable. People would come to our house and see one year old Kenny standing at the window poking his little hands in Odin's mouth, nose and ears and just absolutely freak. I always taught Kenny that he shouldn't provoke Odin by irritating him but that old dog really didn't seem to mind anything that Kenny did to him, within reason of course. Odin has since pass on but seeing my kids inside my uncle's large dog house brought back a lot of good memories.

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