Monmouth New Jersey pet store

In this Monmouth New Jersey pet store I was looking for a cool pet, something out of the ordinary and they had just what I wanted: a Scorpion. Scorpions are an arachnid with a flat, narrow body, two lobster like claws, eight legs, and a segmented abdominal tail. Arachnid is the term used for animals in the class including the scorpions, spiders, daddy longlegs, mites, and ticks, and certain other eight-legged land invertebrates. Fossils suggest that arachnids were among the first animals to live on land, perhaps in the early Devonian Period, nearly 400 million years ago. Arachnids are found throughout the world in nearly every habitat, but they reach their greatest size and diversity in warm arid and tropical regions. The scorpion's body terminates in a venomous stinger supplied by a pair of poison glands, the tail is usually curved upward and forward over the back. About 1400 species of scorpion exist; about 40 of them occur in the United States. Scorpions are usually brown in color and range from about 2.5 to 20 cm (about 1 to 8 in) in length. Found in warm and dry tropical regions, including the southwestern United States, the scorpion is nocturnal and feeds mainly on spiders and insects. The young are born live and remain with the mother for a short period. When capturing a victim with its claws, the scorpion inflicts a disabling sting with its tail. In most species the sting is painful, but not fatal, to humans, although the sting of one species found in the United States has proved fatal to young children and is potentially fatal to adults. Other areas of the world have more dangerous scorpion species; the poison involved is a neurotoxin, attacking the nervous system.

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