Nashville pet store

Working in a Nashville pet store I stay mighty busy. One of my jobs is to stay up on what the market has to offer as far as dog-training aids are concerned. Recently when doing a dog training collar review I found out that the amount of dog collars and corrective dog collars that one can purchase both online and through regular pet stores is amazing. I needed to do this dog training collar review quickly but it ended up taking me much longer than I had planned. I found collars that I think are great and others that I think should be banned from the market. One important thing to keep in mind when buying a dog-training collar is that the regulations which manufacturers have to follow when researching, producing and marketing their products are not uniform internationally. So one product made in the USA might not meet the specifications of a product made in England. Another thing I discovered when doing my dog training collar review was that when one company says that their static electric shock anti bark collar does not hurt the dog it is not necessarily true. The reason for this is that again the regulations are not uniform and one shock anti bark collar might give a significantly higher voltage shock than another. I found the same with the sonic anti bark collars. One company claimed that the sound emitted by their unit was outside of the human ear's range while another company said that the correctional sound was only "mostly" outside of human hearing. Now what this means exactly to the dog is difficult to know. Probably the safest non-electric anti bark collar which I came across when doing my dog training collar review was the citronella spray collar. This device uses an allegedly harmless spray that is not injurious to the dog or highly offensive to humans.

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