Newark pet store

Unfortunately due to our modern lifestyle and the way our neighborhoods are developed noisy dogs are a real problem. So the Newark pet store offers some solutions. Why would your dog need a bark control collar? Well one thing important to look at is the reasons your dog is barking in the first place. Most barking is self-reinforcing. Your dog see the mailman approaching your house and entering his territory (your property), the mailman then proceeds to put something under the door. Well of course your dog is barking wildly trying to drive off this unwanted intruder and then just like that the mailman turns and leaves, an action, which your dog misinterprets as victory on his part. Since after all didn't his barking cause the offender to be scared off?

If you live in a noisy and busy area, letting your dog out in the garden alone or unsupervised is asking for a problem. He will look and find things to bark at and this will not help the problem but reinforce it. Since dogs think that barking is fun and effective they will continue to do so unless they have some reason not to. This is where the bark control collar comes in handy. By helping your dog to break the habit of excessive barking. Of course once the bark control collar had caused your dog to stop barking you must reward him for behaving and quieting down. We often times only tend to notice when our dogs are barking and not when they are being quiet. A large part of the solution is praising and acknowledging the dog when he is being quiet. The bark control collar has its place and is effective at what it does however it only teaches your dog what is the punishable action and not what is the desired one. So it is important to give your dog both, the consequence for barking and the reward for providing the desired behavior.

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