Oakland pet store

Last week our Oakland pet store was offering some courses about anti bark dog collars. Now why would anyone want to make his or her dog suffer for doing something that comes natural? I am talking about anti barking dog collars of course. Dogs are born barking, they communicate by barking. All of their important functions within human society as watch dogs; guard dogs and companion dogs cannot be possibly completed without the ability to bark. Whether it be a warning bark to let their owner know that danger approaches, a threatening bark to let potential trouble makers know its time to move on, a plea for help for their owner in need of immediate assistance or just a cursory bark to let us know that they are on the job. If you forcibly take away the ability of your dog to communicate by making them wear an anti barking dog collar you not only do them a great disservice but you inhibit their natural function. What if you were to gag all the security personnel at an event? Would you expect them to do a good job? What if you were to all the boys in a grade school and put devices on their throats that gave them a shock if they utter a sound? How long would they remain sane? Now we not only have electric shock anti barking dog collars but we have more "humane" sonic anti barking dog collars and spray anti barking dog collars. The sonic variety emits a high pitch sound that causes the wearer to stop communicating. Imagine, it you will, that every time you opened your mouth to say something a fog horn went off in your ear. The spray collar gives the dog a spray of chemicals every time he makes an unwanted sound. I don't think it is even necessary to ask how someone would feel if every time they had something to say they had to deal with a squirt of pepper spray.

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