Oklahoma City Pet Store

When an Oklahoma City pet store held a series of workshops dedicated to the topic of pet training and instruction there was a huge turn out. Here is a little of what I learnt. The tools you use when training your rowdy and uncontrollable dog are to help him avoid reinforcing the negative behavior and to help you reward him only for the good. When teaching leash manners to your energetic dog you could try using the dog training choke collar. Choke collars can be very useful when training your dog especially if he is big and a puller. Some of the main ones you could find useful are: Chain choke collars: The choke collar restricts the dog's airway for a spilt second, making it undesirable and uncomfortable to pull. For quick slide and release action, it is best to use a dog training choke collar made of chain with small flat links. The collar should be about 2 inches bigger than the dog's skull. A good fitting collar helps you to give better instruction to your dog. Be careful to place the collar correctly, high up on the dog's neck, right behind the ears with the rings just under the dog's right ear. Nylon choke collars: Nylon collars (either flat or round) do not offer all of the benefits of chain choke collars but they do give you the same possibility of correcting your dog when he begins to pull. When using any type of collar the tightening should only be brief. If the tension is always tight then the dog is not being taught what the correct behavior is. If your dog normally uses a different collar from the dog training choke collar, he will possibly ignore your commands when using his normal collar. It is important for your dog's progress and success, that you are consistent with his training no matter what type of collar he is wearing.

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