Omaha Pet Store

Since I work in an Omaha pet store I often have people sending me stuff about pets and pet care. A good friend of mine was looking for dog houses for sale and the other day sent this to me. It is about dog confinement. I am not sure what it has to do with dog houses for sale but I thought it was interesting and so am passing it on.

There are number of ways to confine your dog. Just be sure to watch and pay attention to several factors so that your dog does not escape. Remember that dogs should not be left alone outdoors unless you provide an absolutely escape-proof area. You can get a fence made for you, just don't forget that dogs that are confined often times develop barking problems. If you are interested in building your own fence or pen, several factors must be observed for building them. You should bury about one fourth inch mesh wire under the ground about four inches under the gravel bottom. This is a solution for a dog that tries to dig out and he will not be able to. Be careful that your dog doesn't try to eat the gravel. There are several different materials you can use for the bottom of a pen. Cement is always an option although it is not the most comfortable surface depending on the type of weather you live in. Another idea is to build a concrete paved block and border it with crushed stones. Another idea is to use blocks for half of it, and then leave the rest with plain stone. This is good because you will be able to keep the pen clean and disinfected and it's enjoyable to the eye.

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