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I was searching online pet supply stores for anti barking dog collars and this is some of what I found. It used to be that if someone had to take drastic action to stop his or her dog from barking incessantly that they needed to use an electric shock anti barking dog collar. This is a device that sends a static shock into the dog's throat when activated. These devices are usually activated by the vibrations that emit from the dog's vocal cords when he is barking. Some devices are triggered by just the noise of the dog's barking but of course these gadgets could be triggered by the noise of another dog barking or even the dog simply knocking the device against some hard object.

We now have the choice of both sonic and spray anti barking dog collars. There are a number of manufacturers that produce both of these types of devices. The spray collar works by delivering a harmless burst of chemical (often citronella) spray that interrupts your dog's barking. The spray works with four important senses the dog hears it, sees it, feels it and smells it. The spray doesn't adversely affect humans but the dog finds it unusual or unlikable.

The sonic anti barking dog collar works by emitting either a high frequency sound or an audible sound when the dog begins barking excessively. The advantage with the higher pitched sound is that it is almost completely out of the range of the human ears capacity, so that your dog gets the message without everyone around also having to participate. There are also sonic devices available on the market that work remotely and are not attached to the dog's collar.

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