Orange County pet store

Because of the hot weather here our Orange County pet store has lots of variety in the types of animals we offer our clients. Land Invertebrates make perfect pets in many ways. They are very quiet and most require very little space to house them. They are also easy to take care of with a minimal amount of cleaning and virtually no odor. No matter which type if invertebrate it is, their interesting appearance and behaviors make them a fascinating group of animals. Probably one of the most common invertebrates enjoyed by all types of pet lovers is the popular hermit crab. Many other invertebrates along with the hermit crab are now becoming increasingly popular. Many of the more docile invertebrate species are now readily available in pet stores. Invertebrates can make interesting and unusual pets. Other than hissing roaches, hermit crabs, millipedes, stick and leaf insects, and some of the mantids, most invertebrate pets are best not handled. Many of the invertebrates on the pet market are very quick, stress easily, will jump and injure themselves, or may deliver a very painful bite or dangerous sting. It is important to note that some invertebrates are not for the beginner! An advanced hobbyist should only keep invertebrates that are potentially dangerous. Be sure to learn about the invertebrate you are interested in to determine if it is right for you or your kids! Many Invertebrates are primarily carnivorous, meaning they subsist on protein foods though some insects, such as crickets will also eat vegetation. Specialized carnivores, subsisting on only insects, and are called insectivores.

The type of invertebrate being kept will dictate the type of enclosure that you will need. Though there are many types of enclosures that can be used, it is best if you talk with the store personnel before taking your invertebrate home to find out what kind of enclosure is best and what kind of feeding program is best for you particular pet.

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