Peoria Pet Store

In the local Peoria pet store we are fighting a battle to better the lives of the local pets. There are many people that neuter their male dogs because they believe that this procedure makes the dog more tranquil, less aggressive, helps the dog stay inside the house more and not escape, and that the dog will stop urinating on everything to mark his territory etc. Although neutering is not a miracle cure, it is true that it does help combat the problems just mentioned. Neutering consists of surgically extirpating both of the dog's testicles, making it impossible for the dog to produce sperm and testosterone. This operation is relatively simple. It is done with general anesthesia and the dog usually recovers within a few hours. When this operation is done before the dog is eighteen months old, the aggressive and territorial behavior will diminish very noticeably. However, once a dog has already learned his pattern of conduct due to his masculine hormones, stopping the production of these hormones will not be useful at all and the dog will continue acting and behaving the same way as always.

Neutering also helps calm down hyperactive dogs, although in these cases it's necessary to stay aware of the amount of exercise and have an appropriate diet for the dog, otherwise the dog can have weight problems and become obese. Dogs that have been neutered are in less risk of getting the following diseases: Tumors in the testicles: a problem that is relatively common in older dogs. Anal adenomas: or tumors that show up when the dog is around one year of age. This problem causes very intense irritation, bleeding and the dog sometimes has difficulty defecating. All of the workers in the Peoria pet store try and convince our customers to do the procedure on their pets.

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