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A nearby puppy pet store was holding some class on the causes of pet aggression. To define the causes of impulsive aggressiveness as well as understand its consequences, we must look at the relationship between humans and dogs. The things that unleash diverse aggressive behaviors can be due to a dog maintaining a dominating hierarchy, defending his territory, problems between male dogs, because of food, or maternal, which are results of the instinctive behavior of the species. However, there are also aggressions that are caused because of fear, pain, acquired or deviated, as a consequence of physical punishment, psychopathological alterations etc. The causes that can turn a dog to have aggressive attitudes that are normally tranquil in character and kind vary a lot. A dog that has been put through a lot of pressure can become destabilized mentally, making it easy for him to go from being peaceful to aggressive all of a sudden. Puppies that go through abnormal experiences or traumatic ones can develop difficult or abnormal behavior problems. They might be afraid of people, aggressive, bite, be fearful etc. Orphan puppies might not be able to recognize the instinctive submissive acts of others as well. A dog that never bit or attacked before, during a moment of excitement, might bite compulsively, even his own owner.

The aggression caused by fear is one of the most frequent causes of aggressive behavior in dogs towards people. A dog that bites must always be taken out with a muzzle and a leash. Obviously, you will also need to take the dog to a professional, specialized trainer. A dog that barks at everything that passes by his house is not necessarily aggressive; the dog is simply trying to protect his territory. And its always a good idea to talk to the staff at the pet puppy store before buying a puppy.

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