Petsmart Pet Store

When was in our neighborhood Petsmart pet store that was when I first heard about the Innotek bark collar. The first thing which I wanted to find out about was whether getting a bark collar for my dog would harm him in some way. I had talked with some people who had suggested to me to try the Innotek bark collar and when I looked up the specific of what the Innotek bark collar does I was happy to find that it would not hurt my pooch. What the Innotek bark collar does is send a static shock to the dog. The static shock stimuli are annoying and unpleasant without being harmful. Think of the static shock that you get when touching a wall after walking across a carpet -- it's startling, and annoying, but not harmful. The great thing is that the Innotek has a rechargeable battery system that is great because if you had to buy new batteries every time you wanted to use the device you would soon be living with your dog in his house. Innotek has one of the smallest bark collars on the market which means it can be used for dogs as small as 3 pounds and is very light. One thing they did say that I found important and also a little worrisome was that you shouldn't leave the bark collar on a dog for more than eight hours.

The Innotek bark collar have to the level set of correction as opposed to some other systems which simply increase the level of correction automatically until the dog stops barking. Innotek also has non collar type anti barking devices which rely on barely audible high frequency sounds to distract the dog from barking and instill in him the idea that barking brings a unlikable response.

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