Phoenix pet store

The Phoenix pet store where I work always has lots of stuff about reptiles and amphibians. Reptiles and amphibians are collectively known as herptiles. Herptiles make ideal pets in many ways! They are very quiet and have virtually no odor. The space needed to house them varies depending on the pet. It can be an area smaller than a flower pot or as large as a room. You can find a suitable reptile or amphibian for a pet whether you live in a dorm room, an apartment, or in a house. Herptiles are ectothermic this means they cannot regulate their body temperature. So each animal has adapted to the conditions of the environment in which it lives. For example in areas where the climate gets real dry, animals such as the hingeback tortoise and some toads will burrow down into the ground and wait, emerging in the next rainy season. In areas where the temperature drops, often accompanied by a decline in food sources, many herptiles have adapted by hibernating. Amphibians have lungs, but they also breathe through their skin. Because it takes a lot of skin to support their bodies, they have adapted by staying small so they have less to support. Reptiles on the other hand use only lungs for breathing. There are such a large variety of these fascinating creatures to choose from, that anyone can find a perfect pet! Diets vary with each animal but, but each animal is primarily one of three types: some are herbivores or plant eaters; carnivores or meat or protein eaters; or omnivores animals that eat both plants and proteins. For a beginner a reptile or an amphibian can make an ideal pet! They are small, make no noise, have no odor, need infrequent cleanings, and can even occasionally miss a feeding without suffering.

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