Portland Oregon Pet Store

Here at our local Portland Oregon pet store you can find lots of products for working dogs. If you have a sport dog, working dog or hunting dog I highly recommend the Polybrite illuminated dog collar. Not only is it sturdy and durable but also it could even save your dog's life.

The Polybrite illuminated dog collar is perfect for the upland gun dog like the Setter that in particular has a long history as an upland gun dog. They have an amazing ability to discover and "hold" upland game birds. They literally "freeze" them on the ground with their silent, elongated pointing stance. At the hunter's command they will cause the birds to fly (by flushing them out) for the hunter to shoot at.

Since the Polybrite dog collar is water proof it can also be used by Retrievers. Retrievers are incredible dogs that can spend hours in a duck blind and, after the hunter has fired at ducks or geese, they can visually spot and remember the location of downed birds. On command, they will dive into the water, swim out and retrieve the birds. Beagles are another hunting breed that benefits from the Polybrite illuminated dog collar. Beagles are particularly adept at chasing through thick briars and brush to catch rabbits or other small animals. And because of the unique design of the Polybrite collar it will not become caught or entangled in the underbrush.

I recently learnt about how several cities in Europe are experimenting with working dogs as rescue swimmers. In this situation, a strong and well-trained dog is equipped with flotation devices and dropped in the water near a floundering swimmer. The swimmer then grabs onto the dog, and the animal tows the swimmer to shore. The dog has an illuminated collar to aid in its retrieval should there be a problem.

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