Reptile Pet Store

When you go into a reptile pet store you will learn lots about reptiles. Some interesting things about lizards that I learnt are. Lizards don't need companionship unless you are breeding. They don't get lonely and are not by nature social creatures. Most are territorial, owning their own piece of turf. Occasionally lizards of the same size that don't fight can be put together, but they see other lizards as competition for food so they are unwelcome. Putting two together causes stress and can keep them from feeding properly. Separate means better quality care for each lizard and better environmental control. Beginner lizards are generally available and inexpensive. You can buy lizards at a pet store or from a breeder and you can collect lizards where allowed. Wild caught lizards are seasonal due to their breeding times and can be difficult to adapt to captivity. Captive bred lizards, though more expensive, are generally easier to get. Captive bred lizards are generally healthier than wild caught lizards, they adapt easily to cage conditions, and they are relatively parasite free. Lizards are commonly insectivores with some of the larger species being partially or totally vegetarians. Their digestive systems are designed to eat whole animals for a complete diet. Good food sources include crickets because they contain very little chitin (the shell or indigestible exoskeleton in insects). Soft larvae foods like waxworms and butterworms, pinkies for larger lizards, and occasionally a good quality, meaty dog or cat food are also good choices. Bright green and yellow vegetables and various fruits are good, even offered occasionally to the confirmed insectivore lizard. Iceberg lettuce is not recommended due to its lack of vitamins and food value, only providing mostly liquid and some fiber. Provide your pet lizard with a bowl of fresh water daily, or water that drips on plant leaves for those who need to lick up dewdrops.

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