Richmond Pet Store

When people obtain a cat from the local Richmond pet store they are offered a course on cats, cat care and training. A cat's body is also very sensitive to the touch. It's very difficult to pinpoint where cats prefer to be petted, since each one has it's own like and dislikes as far as petting goes. But in general, most of them do not like being touched in the sensitive parts of their body, so it's preferable to not pet them in these places. If you want to find out your cats preference as far as petting goes, just observe the way it reacts while you are petting it. If you are petting your cat and you see that it starts purring and gets closer to you, this is an obvious sign of enjoyment. However, if your cat walks away or pushes you with its paw, it probably means that it would prefer you to pet it in another area.

Cats usually have about 12 whiskers in four rows on top of their upper lip, on each cheek and over its eyes. They also have some whiskers on their chins. The two upper rows of whiskers can move alone or independently from the lower ones. A cat generally uses its whiskers to feel things without actually having to physically touch them. Whiskers especially become very useful to cats at night because cats use them to aid themselves with navigation and sensation. A cat's nose area is very sensitive to heat and to the touch. Generally a cat will touch an unknown object with its paw first to make sure that it's safe, and after this it will be willing to sniff it. Here in the Richmond pet store we encourage all pet owners to be as educated as possible about their particular pet.

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