Riverside pet store

A local Riverside pet store offers these collars to help your dog stop barking. The amount and diversity of anti barking collars that are available on the market is incredible. You can find an anti barking collar for every shape, size, weight and even age of dog. Here are some of the main types available. The electric static shock anti barking collar: is a safe, effective training aid that helps you to control your dog's unwanted barking behavior. Either activated by the vibrations of your dogs bark or by the sound of his bark. The collars' training action is a light electronic signal. If your dog continues to bark some collars automatically send more corrective signals. The sonic high frequency anti barking collar: works by emitting a startling high-pitched sound, the dog should stop barking, and will quickly associate its bark with this unpleasant noise. There are models which employ a sound at such a high frequency that humans for the most part are unable to hear it and there are models which use a lower frequency that is audible but still distracting enough to get your dog to stop his barking. The spray anti barking collar: when trigger releases a chemical spray that causes immediate discomfort but not injury to your dog. By affecting so many of your dog's sense at one time (hearing, sight, smell and feeling) this device is almost guaranteed to stop him in his tracks. Often citronella is used in these spray collars and is a very unique albeit harmless substance. The smell is so unusual to your dog that he is sure to stop almost instantly. There are many different makes and models; usually depending on your need it is quite easy to find the right device for you and your dog. Puppies under six months or dogs who are suffering anxiety problems shouldn't use these collars without veterinarian approval so check with the staff of the Riverside pet store before buying one for a puppy.

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