Sacramento Pet Store

I had to go to my neighborhood Sacramento pet store because of a serious problem that presented itself. Last week I went outside and found my spaniel sleeping outside on the ground and not in his small doghouse. I got him the small cedar wood doghouse about one month ago and he like it from the start. When I bought it I had it insulated and treated with special bug and parasite resistant sprays. Well there my dog was on the ground and I couldn't understand why he wasn't in his house until I looked inside and got the surprise of my life. A skunk had taken up residence in his house during the night. I guess the skunk had been attracted by the smell of my dog's food and then decided that his nice small doghouse would make a great small skunk house.

The thing that had me worried was the skunk spraying inside of my pooch's doghouse. If a skunk has sprayed your dog, you can take the skunk scent off of him by bathing him in tomato juice. All you have to do is put your dog in a bath or basin filled with tomato juice. Then let the exterior coat soak in the tomato juice for several minutes, afterwards rinse him off and repeat the process. Of course your dog may require of several baths (sometimes several days too) before the smell completely disappears. But if the skunk lets loose inside the doghouse? How on earth do you get that infernal sickening sweet smell out of the wood and insulation of the doghouse? I decided to try and lure the skunk out with some food but that didn't work. I took my Spaniel into the house and left the skunk alone in the hopes that it would decide to leave all by itself but again that also didn't work. In the end I had to call the wild animal service of my town and they came and dealt with the problem and we got our small dog house back.

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