San Diego pet store

At the San Diego pet store you can get lots of fun pets, like a squirrel. Depending on the type of squirrel, social behaviors vary. Red Squirrels are solitary creatures and prefer to live alone all year long, except when raising young. However, gray and flying squirrels are solitary during the summer, but will often stay together in large groups (of up to 24 squirrels) during the winter to keep warm. In general, squirrels should be kept away from other pets. They can often be hurt, or sometimes hurt other animals. When handling your squirrel, make sure to support its whole body, and don't just grab it by it's tail, as this could cause discomfort or injury. They can however, become very affectionate to their owners and make great companions. Provide a nesting box (usually hung on the outside of the cage with an opening into the cage). To make your squirrel feel more at home, put twigs, leaves, grass, and bark on the bottom of the cage. This will give him a variety of materials to choose from when making his nest comfortable. Provide your squirrel also with branches throughout the cage so he can get his exercise and feel more comfortable. To ensure the health of your pet, make sure to thoroughly clean the cage with hot water at least once a week. In the wild, squirrels get plenty of exercise scurrying up trees and leaping from branch to branch. It is therefore important to provide these opportunities in captivity to keep your squirrel healthy and happy. First, make sure to provide tree-like objects (such as large branches) in their cage. This will help give them exercise when they don't get out much. But a great thing to do is to let your squirrel roam free in designated rooms for short periods of time with supervision. This will give them lots of jumping and scurrying time, and will give flying squirrels the opportunity to glide.

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