San Jose California pet store

While looking through a San Jose California pet store I came across a Cedar Wood dog house with insulation. One of the great things about having a wood house is that wood naturally has an insulating quality to it. The stable and cellular structure of wood allows cedar doghouses to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures. Of course this is not to say that it is not a good idea to have your doghouse insulated especially if you plan to keep your doghouse outside and if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. Having an Air Conditioner/Heater climate control system connected to your wood doghouse is also highly recommended and I suggest that anyone living in wintry regions have one installed before the winter really sets in. I keep my wood doghouse outside but not directly on the ground. I have it elevated about 4 inches off of the ground on legs. This way the floor of my doghouse is less affected by the rain and humidity that is so prevalent here where I live. I also have a deck – porch with a little roof attached to the front of my dog's house so that he has an area to sit and relax, out of the heat of the sun. Although there are many different types of wood doghouses available on the market and each boasts of its only unique qualities I personally have always preferred cedar wood to any other wood. It looks good, smells good and lasts. There are a number of very reputable internet sites that offer great cedar wood dog houses for reasonable prices and with the winter fast approaching I assume that more people will be looking to give their pet dogs an edge as the cold weather takes hold. One great thing about wood doghouses is that you can always bring them inside your house if the weather gets too extreme outside.

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