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My buddy that works in a Sarasota pet store sent me an email last week about cats and allergies. The information said that cats shed hair and dander throughout the house causing Felis domesticus 1. The problem with this is that very small particles remain in the air for extended periods of time, in some cases hours or even days. In the case of dust mites, dog, pollen, or mold allergens it is different because the size of these allergens are bigger causing them to settle on the ground and only become air born when moved. Felis domesticus 1 is much smaller in size causing it to continually float around in the air, therefore causing many more problems to individuals who have allergy problems. To a person that is sensitive and allergic, Felis domesticus 1 can be a real problem specifically because of the fact that it remains air born and floats throughout the environment. Another problem is that Felis domesticus 1 sticks onto everything when they do settle down, and so much so that they stick onto the walls, carpets, furniture, curtains, etc. Sensitive people will immediately notice how this affects their eyes almost immediately and when this is inhaled into the lungs it produces a chain of events ranging from wheezing to sneezing etc.

There are people that blame Felis domesticus 1 on the cat's saliva as the main source; however, studies have been made that indicated that a cat's skin is actually indeed the number one source of Felis domesticus 1. Domestic house cats are not the only allergenic animals within the family though. All members of the cat family are potentially allergenic; this would include lions, tigers, panthers, pumas, jaguars, etc, and this has been found in people who work with these types of animals in places such as zoos and circuses.

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