Scranton Pet Store

Working in a pet store in Scranton you don't know how many people have asked me how to make a dog stop barking. Well how do you make a dog stop barking? Nonstop barking is one of the most common complaints of neighbors and dog owners alike. As dogs are pack animals by nature with strong bonds to family members it is unnatural for them to be alone for long periods of time. So they bark as a way of releasing their frustration and angst. Barking is self-reinforcing and therefore must be dealt with without delay. The three categories of dogs that are problem barkers are as follows: the dog that is barking because he is all alone and desiring companionship or the dog that just barks at people passing by, noises or visitors and lastly the dog that barks because he wants your attention. Whatever category your dog falls into his problem most likely stems from a lack of some basic need. Or he is being reinforced to respond incorrectly to some situation or situations.

If any of your dog's basic needs is missing you will have an unhappy dog. All dogs have a basic need for a safe place to sleep, a healthy diet, predictable schedule, lots of vigorous exercise, interaction with other dogs and people as well as toys and other play things which provide for a stimulating environment. So what is my advice on how to make a dog stop barking? Give him what he needs and deserves as your dog. Give him what he is asking for and see if the problem does not improve on its own. If he needs extra help there are correctional collars available but these should not be used until all other avenues have been exhausted.

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