Syracuse pet store

I found out from a local Syracuse pet store that it is best to try and choose a young, captive-bred squirrel; either one that has been hand-raised or separated from it's mother right at weaning time. This way, you'll get one that will easily adapt to you and become readily tame. Squirrels are small rodents varying form 6-12 inches in body length and 4-10 inches in tail length. The Gray Squirrel is the largest of the American squirrels. Squirrels can generally live up 10 years in optimum conditions, however many baby squirrels in the wild never even make it to adulthood due to predators. Most squirrels, since they are naturally wild animals, are not available as pets. Southern Flying Squirrels however, are sometimes available. When considering purchasing a Flying Squirrel as your new pet, make sure you are ready for the commitment of time and care that it will need. Whether you get a male or female squirrel is totally up to preference - they will both usually make great pets and don't differ much in behavior patterns. If you decide you want more than one flying squirrel, it is probably best to house them in separate cages, because they are mostly solitary and like their own space. If you do house them in the same cage, make sure to provide ample areas for both of them, with each of them having their own nest. A healthy Flying Squirrel should have bright and clear eyes, a clear nose, a glossy and clean coat, and be of healthy weight. Check to make sure that the squirrel does not have fleas or ticks.

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