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I went to a Tacoma pet store to get some information about dogs an birthing. I found out that about a week before a female dog's labor, the dog will begin to lose interest in everything around her. You will also notice how about a day or two before the labor she will feel very uncomfortable. At the beginning of the dog's labor, she will pant in an exaggerated way; don't let this scare you though as it's normal. The panting usually disappears right away as soon as her maternal instincts kick in. Each puppy is born inside of a membrane sack. Usually the puppy's head and feet come out first, although it's also common to see them come out bottom first. There are also occasions where the female dog will have a harder time giving birth; on some occasions it takes about three hours wait for each puppy to come out. But usually the female dog's labor does not last a long time with a few minute intervals between each puppy coming out.

Check to make sure the dog is comfortable and not having problems, and if you notice that she is, make sure to call the veterinarian right away. The female dog will begin licking vigorously at her puppies in order to remove the membranes that cover them and don't be alarmed if she eats some of membrane and placenta. The ideal is for the veterinarian too see the female dog no longer than twelve hours after she has finished labor to make sure there is not chance of infection, which can cause serious problems such as death. After labor, you should let the female dog as much food as she is able to eat. And she should be allowed to rest and recuperate her strength.

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