Tucson Pet Store

In our local Tucson pet store you can get all the necessary components complete such as the fish, the fish tank, the plants and accessories, to build an aquarium. Generally this aquarium turns into a place that is shared by many different types of fish. It's advisable however, that the fish all be from the same geographic region or that they belong to the same species. If you are obtaining fish, make sure to ask the fish breeders about the different types of fish. It's convenient to ask questions like which fish can live together in the same fish tank, which ones are aggressive, predators, dominating, etc, in order to avoid the smaller ones from getting hurt or even killed. As far as the fish tank is concerned, you will need to decide on the size of the aquarium you wish to obtain.

To get started the best is to put a large aquarium together, of over 70 liters, because these require less maintenance. Fish that are approximately two to three centimeters need at least, between two and four liters of water in order to feel comfortable, and to not get stressed out as well as overpopulated (overpopulating an aquarium causes multiple sicknesses to the fish). Another very important factor to look into is the support that the aquarium will have. Remember that a liter of water weighs one kilo, plus all the accessories that go inside the fish tank as well. If you want to calculate the amount of liters the aquarium has, you can multiply the length of the aquarium by the width, and divide it into one thousand. The Tucson pet store personnel can help you then decide what kinds of fish would be best.

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