Tulsa Pet Store

Whenever someone would come into the pet store in Tulsa looking to buy a puppy they would give them this little card with the following on it. --Well congratulations on your new dog. Now if you haven't already bought a doghouse then you are probably wondering about a million different things. Dog house sizes, dog house makes, models, building materials, interiors, costs, accessories, etc… Well before you have a nervous breakdown or go running to the drug closet for another Prozac here is some information and other assorted things that you should bear in mind before forking over any cash.

Now of course everyone wants to sell you the biggest, best and most expensive dog house available on the market but is that really what you need? How should you judge dog house sizes? What is too big or too small? This mostly has to do with you. Do you want it to be a one room dog house or will it be a multi roomed mansion? If you are going for the one room variety then it should be large enough for your adult dog to stand in and turn around comfortably. The cost of a dog house can run from a few hundred dollars up to prices I won't even mention because if I did you would simply stop reading. There are dog houses built with every type of material you can imagine and to try and tell you what the best is would be difficult. Do you live in a cold climate? Are you living in a hot humid part of the country that is subjected to large amounts of driving rain? Will your dog house be an indoor dog house or outdoor? My personal preference is cedar wood and if you also give your loveable little (or big) pooch a cedar chip filled bed this will help to keep the fleas at bay. Which I think you will agree is good in anyone's book no matter what dog house sizes are available.

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