West Palm Beach Pet Store

My wife and I went down to the local West Palm Beach pet store because we are thinking about getting a cedar wood duplex dog house for our two pooches. The reason that we have chosen to get a cedar dog house is because wood has many great natural qualities and we plan to keep the wood doghouse outside. Right now we have our two beautiful canines in two separate cedar dog houses but they are looking a little old and that is why we want to get a new house. We decided on getting the cedar duplex because we can take out the center dividing board and they both can live, sleep and play together. Even though we are going to get the cedar dog house insulated we figure that if it gets too cold our two dogs will also have each other and can cuddle up together for added warmth. Dogs are so different from cats in the way that they like to be together and have companionship. Cats are so much more aloof and enjoy their independence whereas dogs just seem to thrive on being with people and other dogs.

I guess a lot has to do with the fact that in the wild dogs are pack animals and would not be able to survive without the ability to live, hunt and care for their young together with other dogs. Cats on the other hand are quite self sufficient and in the wild usually live very solitary lives only getting together with other cats on rare occasions, such as during mating season. Our dogs are both fixed so we won't be having any puppies but I think that they will still enjoy living together in the same cedar dog house.

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