York Pennsylvania Pet Store

Whenever we get a new employee at our York Pennsylvania pet store we always make sure to teach them all we can about the pets we work with. My favorite pets are cats. Cats have a unique way of marking their territories. This can be seen when a cat rub their cheeks against the furniture, the walls, and they even do this to people. Remember that until a cat is vaccinated, it should not be allowed to go out of the house, which means that your home will become the cats new world.

Cats are naturally very curious creatures therefore don't be surprised if your cat starts out by exploring absolutely everything in it's new home, ranging from the closets, doors, shoes, etc. Even a simple bag on the floor can be a whole adventure for a cat. You will probably begin to realize that taking care of a cat is not the easiest of jobs, but they are very fun to watch because of their behavior that can be naughty but at the same time cute. If you are interested in seeing exactly how fast it is that a cat develops, you just need to observe the difference between a cat and a dog. Dogs at this age already have their adult muscles, but it will still take some time before the dog is able to calculate heights, jumps, speed and distances etc. something of which is necessary if the dog wants to go to half of the places that cats at this same age already take on, such as the furniture, or grabbing at toys etc. As we had mentioned earlier, cats are naturally half wild and half domesticated, and one of their wild traits is hunting. They have a natural inborn desire to hunt their "prey" and this is something that can sometimes cause problems here in our York Pennsylvania pet store.

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