Dog Sitting Business

It’s incredible the boom that dog sitting businesses have. I am what you could denominate as a true dog lover, but I work a lot and do not necessarily have as much time as I would love to have to attend to my two dogs. Often times my work requires for me to go out of town and travel for a few days. When facing this situation for the first time I tried with no success to find friends who would be willing to dog sit my two big Saint Bernard’s. Well, someone suggested I look into calling a dog sitting business and I was truly impressed on the professionalism of some of these places, and even more so when I saw the prices! It seems that the dog sitting business has turned into a big thing in some places and I never knew there was so much a dog sitting business could offer to their customers. Some dog sitting business not only offer to take care of your pet for you but to groom them, feed them special food, bathe them, give them massages, give special treatments to their coats, train them, walk them, check if the dog suffers from any sicknesses, etc, etc, etc. I was truly impressed on how they put so much attention on the food given to the dogs that must include adequate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. I was told that each one of these varies in percentage depending on the age of the dog and the physiological circumstances of the dog. All in all it’s not difficult to understand why dog sitting businesses do so well. They know their stuff.

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