Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Dog walking and pet sitting is something that all true dog lovers enjoy. Unfortunately we do not always have time to go out dog walking and pet sit our pooches. There are some very important points to keep in mind while dog walking and pet sitting, here they are: during walks all dogs must have a time of exercise everyday. Taking your dog on a walk is a great way for both it and you to enjoy daily exercise. Using a collar and leash on your dog while out is essential to its safety. Unless your dog has been trained to respond every time you command it to come or heel, never take the leash or restraining device off of your dog while out. If you are in a potentially dangerous situation it is imperative that you keep your dog under control at all times. Whether you choose to use a collar and leash of leather or nylon your puppy should have a collar that fits it well. As your dog grows you should buy bigger collars and then once your dog has reached his adult size you can buy the collar and leash which you plan to use on him permanently. Before dog walking and pet sitting (especially in the case of someone else’s dog) the collar should be adjustable and comfortable for the dog to use. If you can easily put two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck this is a good sign that it is not too tight. If you decide you are going to do dog walking and pet sitting make sure you keep all the things above in mind.

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