Lexington Pet Boarding

When asking about the Lexington boarding facilities that exist here, I asked some of the personnel of a Lexington boarding facility to fill me in on what type of training program the associates participate in. I was told that the pet care specialists are safety certified and do an extensive amount of training to learn about the specific needs of the pets, be it cats or dogs or other. Some of the things they teach the associates are how to feed a pet, safety, and how to identify signs of stress in animals and emergencies as well. The Lexington boarding facility specialists are also required to achieve a high score on their safety certification exam and they need to redo this test every year. It is nice to know that when you are going to be leaving your four legged family member in the hands of another that they are so well prepared and know what they are talking about. What this says to me is that these people are truly interested in animals to begin with. This type of job does not pay an extensive amount of money; it’s for the love of the art or animals in this case. The great thing or advantage about these places is that they offer an alternative to having the pet stay home all day alone. There are special dog camps that allow the dogs to socialize and exercise with other pets along with the specialists that work there; some places offer special playrooms for these purposes as well. Lexington boarding facilities are becoming more and more popular for people that are looking to allowing their pet the chance to have some real good times with other dogs.

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