Michigan Pet Boarding Facility

When my brother was in Michigan pet boarding facilities was a topic that came up, as he needed someone to take care of his dog Tarzan. My brother had obviously never used a pet boarding facility before and was concerned about the care and attention the pets received while there. But since he pretty much had no other choice he decided to give it a try and at least first check out the place. When he got into the Michigan pet boarding facility he was greeted by a woman who explained to him that the care they provided there was personalized attention, however that it was important to know that some pets might exhibit signs of stress when they are away from their homes or owners, and that in the case of my brothers dog this would be very likely as the dog and my brother were on a trip and were already out of their normal environment. She suggested for my brother to go around the whole place and check out what went on with the dogs and pets while at the same time explaining to him that all of the caregivers were highly trained and specialized in pet care. She told him that there were also on call veterinarians in case of accidents and that there was an pet hospital close by. My brother felt a lot more relieved when he was able to see first hand the treatment the dogs got and decided to bring his dog Tarzan in. he was informed that he needed to have all of the dog’s vaccinations up to date and Tarzan did real well which was a big relief for my brother as he was happy to know there were Michigan pet boarding facilities with so much experience.

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