Pet Sitting

Starting from the age of a puppy, one of the first things in pet sitting that the owner must learn about is how take care of the dog’s hygiene and beauty. This is not only for esthetical reasons, but also for the general health of the dog and of the family members living in the household. When pet sitting it’s important to get a dog used to bathing, although you should not bathe a dog that is under the age of seven days. If you have not learned yet, in order to effectively do pet sitting it will also be necessary to brush a dog’s teeth; this can be done with a special dog toothbrush or a human soft bristled toothbrush. There are special dog toothpastes also that are available in the market (never use human toothpaste though). Another important to pet sitting and the grooming factor is to check the dog’s ears; this can be done while you are brushing your dog’s coat. The inside of a dog’s ears must be clean and free of discharge. You can clean your dog’s ear lids with a piece of cotton and a little bit of alcohol. (Make sure to use a new piece of cotton for each ear). There are other pets that have sensitive ears and if you are pet sitting them it will be necessary to check them as well. Hamsters have very sensitive and delicate ears; therefore it’s important to not put them in a place where there the wind blows and where there are a lot of drafts as it can hurt their ears. Crazy as it would seem this is just only one small portion of pet sitting, there is actually a whole world of information on pet sitting and on what to do and not do.

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