Puppies That Do Not Like Looking At People

Puppies and dogs communicate mostly through body language and they try to communicate with humans using the same method. Humans don't always understand a dog's body language and it is important to learn what a dog is trying to tell us with their behavior.

For a dog or puppy, staring straight into someone's eyes is often considered a threat and a dominating dog might even proceed to attack. There are other shyer dogs that simply won't look straight into a persons eyes though, even when the person has the best smile in the world, the puppy will still not look. This behavior obviously depends largely on the type of puppy it is. If it is a meek submissive dog it might glace away, or in some cases even turn his body a little away from you.

A shy puppy needs some special help though; help does not mean that it needs to be babied, but that it needs some extra insight on the owner's part. If you have a shy puppy your best bet is to go to a puppy training school where he will be able to get the attention he needs and trained to be more confident.

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