Puppies That Go Mad

Alright, it's not difficult to imagine how you can think that you have a crazy dog when you see that he takes off at an absolute top speed, has his ears streaming, a flattened tail and is bumping into different objects as he races through the house in a frenzy that seems will never end. The truth is it seems to be something that puppies just do, no one is exactly sure of why they do this, maybe it just happens to be a burst of energy they need to let off, who knows? But it is a normal thing and happens to a lot of puppies. If your puppy does this, don't go after him demanding him to stop, just sit back and enjoy the little show, it will be over soon enough and your exhausted puppy will come to you and most likely collapse at your feet.

There are many speeding puppies that for some reason during dusk and dawn. No one is sure of why, however it is normal for a dog to feel energy at these moments. This can be a time when you take the puppy out on a walk or to play and get exercise. You should also have plenty of toys the puppy can entertain himself with when he needs it.

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