Why Puppies Like Lying Under Tables

Well, the truth is that only puppies know why it is they like lying under tables, but it is believed that they do this to feel secure in an enclosed space. Some other favorite lie down spots for puppies are under couches, upside down against a wall, and under tables. And well, lets not forget the very favorite spot under the kitchen table where there are always some food bits they can get to easily.

Puppies do this so they can feel safe and to them it probably feels the closest thing to their den; as you know puppies like the feeling of being cradled. It is actually suggested to allow them to be inside their small havens, which can be a plastic or wire kennel, a bed, etc when visitors come over for brief visits. Crate training can actually help your dog to be at better behavior as well as it can sold errors like housebreaking, chewing etc. Give your dog his own little space; he needs his own little habitat, it makes the puppy feel protected and it will help your relationship in the end as well.

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