Why Puppies Urinate When They See Some People

When a puppy has a problem with urinating at the sight of people, it is a signal of fear, deference, or overexcitement. A puppy that already has intimidation problems might become even more so when he sees a person he does not know in front of him. Although it is almost impossible to imagine that a person would threaten a puppy, a lot of people do in fact; obviously the person doing this might not even realize it.

Dogs as we know, communicate in a different way then humans do. One way dogs communicate is through body language and when a tall person comes and looms over the puppy or approaches him directly front the front, or stares right into his eyes, or reaches over to touch him on the head, can all be a sign of threat for the puppy.

If you have a shy puppy in your home, something that is recommended to do is ask your visitors or family members completely ignore the puppy. Do not try to approach the puppy or lean over him and touch him. Often times a puppy that is ignored will approach the person ignoring him and when this happens it's recommended to have the person offer the puppy a little treat. One of the most important things you can do for your puppy is to start training him. Puppies can be taught to sit and shake. Remember that when a puppy starts associating people as something good and not threatening, it will be more willing to obey commands and will most certainly enjoy himself a lot more. Shaking a puppy's "paw" will easier for the puppy and he will not perceive that this huge person in front of him is trying to menace him.

All little puppies go through different stages in their lives and one of these stages is a socialization period in which they form certain bonds with people. At around the age of three to twelve weeks of age, they are very sensitive to other dogs' input. At around the age of five to twelve weeks, they become more sensitive to peoples' input. And at the age of ten to twelve weeks they become highly interested in searching their surroundings and environment. This stage and age is very important and the proper type of socialization can help to avoid a lot of problems in the future. Allow your puppy to get out and socialize with different type of people, interact with other puppies and dogs, and allow him to explore his surroundings.

Puppies that do not get the chance to socialize will most likely become fearful as puppies and even aggressive when they grow into adulthood, therefore it is can even be dangerous to not properly socialize them. When you hear of a dog that bites or growls at people it is usually related to fear. A dog that is afraid feels like he has to get rid of the thing or person that is making him feel fear and his automatic reaction will be to become aggressive. One of the worse things you can do is keep your puppy or dog locked up in a limited space. When this happens the dog will probably react angrily to a person approaching him, whereas a puppy that has been well trained and has socialized will react in a nice way.

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